Why Having an AV Profesional Is Important For Your Meeting

September 10, 2017 by Dmitriy Kotlar

When to work with an audiovisual professional – 

If you are coordinating a meeting or event with functions in several rooms, if multiple microphones are being used in one room, if the AV requirements include streaming video or is complex, it is highly recommended that you consult with audio visual specialists BEFORE you book your venue or location. It is actually the most cost effective way to go! An AV professional will analyze your needs and your budget then help you choose the best solutions for getting the desired results. You may otherwise order things you don’t need and overspend. Professionals can verify that the necessary bandwidth capability for high speed Internet or satellite transmissions is available at the venue or facility you are considering before you book.

Equipment and technology in the audio visual and communications fields change rapidly, and the value of a professional’s expertise in foreseeing and avoiding problems when choosing the equipment and technology most suitable to meet your needs is priceless. Consulting with your preferred AV service provider early in the planning stages will also help you avoid expensive, last-minute changes that can occur due to poor AV planning.  Most important-keep technical support engaged throughout the program even if your needs are pretty basic.  If technical difficulties arise once you are on-site, you don’t want to be without them!

Audiovisual space requirements –
Another reason to consult with an audio visual specialist early in the planning process – before finalizing a booking with a venue or facility for your meeting or event – is to have them verify that the space you are considering for the event is suitable for AV equipment setup and the lighting requirements for the presentations that are to occur.  Natural lighting from big windows, reflections from mirrors, built-in counters, attachments to walls, pillars in the room, or low ceilings can play havoc with the placement and setup of audio visual equipment, and your program can suffer significantly because of it.

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